With all the variables that affect the type of coverage that’s right for you, make sure you choose an agent who has access to more than one life insurance product. That’s just one advantage you have when you work with Smith & Hatch. It’s a significant advantage, too. In an industry that’s known for long, complicated forms and multitudes of questions, we want you to know we will make the process simple. The big names you know can provide you with adequate coverage, however, they have only their products to offer to you.

We can choose from among the big providers as well as many lesser known companies – to show you options that fit you best. And anything designed specifically for you will be simpler to understand and much closer to what you want in the first place. A common mistake is to have either too little insurance, which leaves your loved ones inadequately prepared to cover immediate costs and future living expenses; or to be over-insured, paying an unnecessarily high monthly premium that cripples your financial well-being while you’re still alive.

Smith & Hatch offers both Term Insurance and Whole Life. Term policies offer the most coverage for the time you are covered. The trade off is that they eventually expire and leave no residual cash value. Whole life policies cover you no matter how long you live, and they have a cash value that builds over time. Because your specific needs are unique to your long range plans, you’ll want to sit down with a Smith & Hatch life insurance professional. We’ll help you understand the benefits of each type of policy and

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